What is the SAT>IP Proxy?

The SAT>IP Proxy is a service that runs in the background and listing for RTSP request and translates it to SAT>IP request. This enables to play SAT>IP with a media player which doesn’t support SAT>IP but RTSP.

It worked a long time, but suddenly not anymore?

Some SAT>IP servers tend to crash sometime, a switch on and off the server solves this problem.

Channel list

How are the channel lists sorted?

The channel lists are sorted by groups like public, private, news etc. The channels within the group are sorted alphabetically. This should enable a neutral representation of all channels and a fast findability.

I want to update my channel list with channel scan data?

Run the channel scan and merge the result with your current channel list and save the result as a new list. The sorting is kept only the new channel must be placed at their place.


The Lite Version shows only the currently running program.

No EPG is displayed?

The EPG is currently disabled by default. The EPG can be enabled in the settings.

It is required that the channel has a service id set. This is not the case by most of the imported lists. But the serviceId can set manually.

What is the EPG background scanner?

The EPG Background scanner scans in the background in a certain time interval the channel for epg data. This blocks one frontend while running.